“Securing the founding values while building professional top management is my passion – and the bridge to success for your business future.”


Nordic accent was founded in 2018, as a result of its founder Eva Fischer Hansen’s dedication to support family/founder company owners when building strong organizations and business growth. Nordic Accent is the trusted advisor for the business owner who faces bridging founder values with professionalizing top management. Challenging and complex as the dynamic can be, Nordic Accent founder Eva Fischer Hansen has been through every aspect and business cycle you can think of, and provides fresh ideas, systemic advice and proven results, when you face the road ahead as business owner:

• Dealing with family dynamic/ partner ownership dynamic

• Valuable cooperation with your external recruited top management and advisors

• The right path for succession

• Building growth, turn around and new biz as a family or partner owned business


Nordic Accent provides inspiration for your network, leadership seminar or conference, or you can hire us as an advisor to you as a business owner or top management. Eva Fischer Hansen is also available for corporate Board of Director positions as well as Advisory board positions in start up founder companies.

Chairman and vice chairman experience in family-owned business for 7 years: international negotiations, professionalizing the board and top management, planning and executing family exit at international level, international sales and negation experience, global strategy development.

Eva Fischer Hansen: Top 5 advice points for Family Business Owners

1Believe, as family business owners, that you do bring value even though you might not have all the professional skills needed – but secure your business by recruiting the competences you lack. 2Because you are family: be aware that you are at greater risk of making decisions based on emotions rather than reason. 3Be aware of how important mutual respect is as the foundation for success when you as a family work with recruited top management.
4When family owners are placed in top management be careful to assess and recruit at the level you would recruit externally. 5Separation of private life and professional life is essential and will bring best family co-operation

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