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About Eva Fischer Hansen

Founded in 2018, Nordic Accent was born out of its founder Eva Fischer Hansen’s dedication to supporting family and founder company owners in their endeavours to build robust organisations and pursue business growth.

Eva Fischer Hansen is a seasoned family business professional. Born in 1963 and a long-time Norwegian resident, Eva originally trained as a sail maker before founding and managing Fischer Sails from 1989 until 2005. Finding that business was in her veins, her illustrious career continued.

From 2005 – 2010 Eva, together with her family established and managed Brunata Norway, and from 2010 – 2013 was a member of Brunata’s Group Management. She became a member of the Board of Directors as Deputy Chairman in 2011. In addition to being a shareholder in the Fischer Hansen family owned Brunata, Eva became the Chairman of Brunata A/S and Brunata International in 2015.

As the chairman of Brunata, Eva, along with her stockholding and top management team siblings, Ane Fischer Rasmussen and Christian Fischer Trollo, led a successful turnaround prior to a profitable exit in 2018.

Brunata – a family tale

Eva Fischer Hansen is one of four siblings who, together with their father, held full-ownership of Brunata International – a top 1000 Danish clean-tech company until 2018. The organization provides consumption metering and billing systems for homes and buildings. Brunata’s mission is to ensure a fair distribution of the costs of water and heat, while contributing to improved use of resources to make buildings more sustainable.

As Chairman (and prior board leader and vice chairman) for seven years, Eva took the lead in transforming her family-owned company from an organisation in distress to an innovative, valuable national market leader with European growth potential.

With a keen eye for the future Eva’s leadership became a symbol of successful collaboration between family and external professionals without compromising the family and corporate values that connected the past, present and future.

Brunata’s transformation involved bringing in external professionals while smoothly exiting the family, building innovative products and services while focussing on core business, and finally, successfully selling Brunata to the global market leader, Minol.

Eva’s deep knowledge of Brunata’s business operations and strong, innovative approach, saw her continue as a Brunata board member post-sale, a position she holds to date.

Founding Nordic Accent

After her family’s successful exit from Brunata, Eva soon realized that she wanted to become an inspiring voice to business owners who faced the challenge of bridging founder values with the professionalization of top management – a process that has a significant impact on employees and business owners alike.

Challenging and complex as these dynamics can be, Eva has faced the various aspects and trials that each stage of the business cycle presents before. This first-hand experience enables her to provide fresh ideas, systematic advice and proven results to business owners.

As a family business owner, Eva believes that there are many questions that need to be asked and answered, but that this is also not always an easy feat.

There are many things to consider… How do you deal with the family or partner dynamic? How do you earn respect and the valuable co-operation of the externally recruited top management and advisors you bring in? How do you know when and how to make the tough business decisions together as a family when you also have a private history together? How do you find the right path for succession? What happens when a family-owned business must come to terms with the fact that not all family members can be part of the organisation’s future?

Eva is a successful and sought after keynote speaker at both Scandinavian and international conferences and networking seminars. Her deeply insightful yet practical advice brings new hope and revitalisation to the people who work for family or founder owned businesses while also encouraging and inspiring the owners committed to achieving excellence within these organisations.

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Nordic Accent provides inspiration for your network, leadership seminar or conference. Alternatively, you can hire us in a business advisory capacity. Eva Fischer Hansen is also available for corporate or advisory board positions within founder-owned startups.

Eva Fischer Hansen has both chairman and vice chairman experience in family-owned business. Over the past 7 years she has been involved in international negotiations, professionalizing the board and top management, planning and executing family exits on an international level, international sales and negotiations as well as global strategy development.


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