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Nordic accent was founded in 2018, as a result of its founder Eva Fischer Hansens dedication to support family/founder company owners when building strong organizations and business growth.

Having successfully made a turnaround prior to the profitable 2018 exit she did as chairman for her family business – working closely with her stockholding siblings: for many years part of the top management team Ane Fischer Rasmussen and Christian Fischer Trollo – Eva wanted to become a voice for the business owners who faces bridging founder values with professionalizing top management; often having high impact on the employees as well as the business owners. Challenging and complex as the dynamic can be, Eva Fischer Hansen has been through every aspect and business cycle you can think of, and provides fresh ideas, systemic advice and proven results, when you face the road ahead as business owners.

How do you deal with the family or partner dynamic? How do you gain respect and valuable cooperation with the external recruited top management and advisors you bring in? How do you know when and how to make the tough business decisions together as a family when you might also have a private history together? How do you find the right path for succession? What happens when a family owned business must come to terms with the fact that not all family members can be part of the future?

As a successful keynote speaker at Scandinavian and international conferences and network seminars, Eva Fischer Hansen has already proven how important her ground-breaking advice and level of debate can influence and bring new hope and energy to the people who work for family or founder owned organizations, as well as be an advisor to the owners who feel the obligation and positive strive to carry on.

Eva Fischer Hansen is one of 4 siblings who together with their father held full ownership until recently in Brunata International- a top1000 Danish clean-tech

company, providing consumption’s metering and billing systems for homes and buildings. Brunata´s mission is to provide fair distribution of the costs of water and heat, while contributing to better use of resources making buildings more sustainable.

As Chairman (and prior board leader and vice chairman) for the past 7 years, Eva Fischer Hansen has taken the lead in transforming a family owned company in distress, to an innovative valuable national market leader with European growth potential. With a keen eye for the future Eva Fischer Hansens leadership has become a symbol of successful collaboration between family and external professionals without compromising family and corporate values connecting the past, present and future. Brunata s transformation has been about bringing in external professionals while exiting the family, building innovative products and services while focusing on core business, and finally the commended process and success of selling Brunata to the market leading global company Minol.

Eva Fischer Hansen who has lived in Norway for many years, was born in 1963, and originally trained as a sail maker before founding and managing Fischer Sails from 1989 until 2005. From 2005 – 2010 Eva established and managed Brunata Norway, and from 2010 – 2013 was a member of Brunata’s Group Management. Member of the Board of Directors as Deputy Chairman since 2011, as well as being a shareholder of the Fischer Hansen family owned Brunata, Eva became the Chairman of Brunata A/S and Brunata International in 2015 before the family exited in July 2018 with the sale to German based global corporation Minol. Eva Fischer Hansens deep knowledge about the Brunata business and innovative strong board approach, has seen her continue as a Brunata board member with the new Minol owner.




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Nordic Accent provides inspiration for your network, leadership seminar or conference, or you can hire us as an advisor to you as a business owner or top management. Eva Fischer Hansen is also available for corporate Board of Director positions as well as Advisory board positions in start up founder companies.

Chairman and vice chairman experience in family-owned business for 7 years: international negotiations, professionalizing the board and top management, planning and executing family exit at international level, international sales and negation experience, global strategy development.


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