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Eva Fischer Hansen is a sought-after family business speaker

Family Business Expert Speaker

Eva participates in speaking engagements for universities like INSEAD and CBS, as well as organisations like Family Business Network. Her presentations can be conducted in Danish, Norwegian or English.

TOPICS include:

• Succession planning and exiting

• Family/founder cooperation with externally recruited top managers and advisors

• Family business dynamics

• Turnaround and new business development

What happens when a family owned business must come to terms with the fact that not all family members can be part of the organisation’s future? Family business specialist Eva Fischer Hansen, speaks about the possibilities challenges and impacts on business growth, when family organisations change the game by bringing in external professionals at board, top management and business advisor levels.

With a keen eye for the future, Eva’s leadership has become a symbol of successful collaboration between family and external professionals, without compromising the family and corporate values that connect the past, present and future. Her personal family-owned business transformation has been about bringing in external professionals while smoothly exiting the family, building innovative, sustainable products and services while focusing on core business, and finally the successful sale of the family business on an international scale.

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Eva Fischer Hansen - family business speaker


Nordic Accent provides inspiration for your network, leadership seminar or conference. Alternatively, you can hire us in a business advisory capacity. Eva Fischer Hansen is also available for corporate or advisory board positions within founder-owned startups.

Eva Fischer Hansen has both chairman and vice chairman experience in family-owned business. Over the past 7 years she has been involved in international negotiations, professionalizing the board and top management, planning and executing family exits on an international level, international sales and negotiations as well as global strategy development.


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